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Published: 13th April 2011
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1, alcoholic economic characteristics of anti-counterfeiting packaging

Economic interests driving is a major cause of the proliferation of adulterated liquor. Wine is a special commodity, its relatively heavy tax burden, the tax value and sales price ratio = tax bid was far higher than the general commodity taxes were lower than the high note of the wine industry is one of the national income major source is an indispensable aspects of the national economy, tax evasion is no doubt the country's economic interests are not hurt. Criminals is the use of alcoholic goods of high value in the characteristics of tax fraud and Fan Jia implementation activities. They are driven by economic interests, by creating a large number of false trademarks, fake wine bottles, fake wine bottle, fake wine boxes, boxes and other fake fake alcohol wine packaging production of adulterated liquor activities, but also full of quality by using inferior wine liquor, industrial alcohol has been watered down to manufacture counterfeit products through various channels will be made of adulterated liquor sales out. All of these false and Fan Jia's activities, no doubt to avoid the country's tax collection and management attention to the state's tax revenue caused great loss.

Counterfeiters low economic capacity is a feature alcoholic security package. The case has been cracked with alcohol from the point of view, the producers of counterfeit products are mostly low economic capacity of criminals, these people's cultural quality of the general poor, low levels of technology, they are keen on how much investment could be implemented without the counterfeiting, which often sees in the market are crude goods packaging particularly large number of fakes, and packaging complex, into a larger product fakes on the relatively few cases. Alcoholic products are basically consistent with this law. This is because the proliferation of counterfeit products is the result of stimulating economic interests, economic interests in the face of lawless, there is also the contradiction between the inputs and outputs will be derived from the illegal sale of adulterated liquor revenue as output, then the funds used in counterfeiting is the input When counterfeiting required big investment to a certain extent, those who would do anything, can not be implemented fake behavior. So take full advantage of those who make the characteristics of low economic interest, after the printing method used, we can effectively suppress the counterfeiting criminals.

2, after the printing After the printing is packed after the packaging and decoration printing process conducted with the first printing and packaging printing process different decoration processes. Usually the packaging and decoration printing is carried out in the packaging before, that is, first printed packaging, and then to product packaging. For example, ordinary wine is first printed in the wine business in the paper, then get packed into a box winery. And then printing the contrary, it is required prior to product packaging operations, and conduct printing, for example, the label on the bottle, not the first printed later for filling wine, but the required filling before and after printing, of course, the location of a special printing requirements. Strictly speaking, after the printing technology is not only a technology known as a method, but in anti-counterfeit packaging, because of the location of the printing will directly affect the security of different effects, so it is a technology that is one has a specific technical meaning.

Traditional package printing, whether direct or indirect printing printing, requires the participation of the printing business, thus increasing the security of the difficulty, mainly in two aspects: First, poor management, the loss of easy-to-lead package to provide an opportunity for criminals counterfeiting; Second, the economy can not suppress the activities of criminals. Then print technology is a good solution to these two issues.

Security after the printing can suppress the economic aspects of counterfeiting criminals. After the printing technology is the packaging and decoration printing process carried out after the packaging is decorated with the first printing and packaging processes of different printing processes to common printing process after the wine example, we can see the power of security. After the printing process of ordinary wines are:

Wine bottles - caps - Film - Printing

Printing process which guarantees the distribution pattern in the film and bottles on the way through the pre-printing can not achieve their goals, only to be implemented later in the packaging printing, every enterprise should be implemented printing technology, you must purchase the appropriate printing equipment, The criminals unable to investment, which would inhibit the economic aspects of counterfeiting criminals.

Effect after the security printing and on-site use of equipment investment in direct proportion to the relationship between the investment the greater the security the better. For alcohol products with good security results, it should purchase high precision printing equipment. After the security printing methods used should be noted that a problem is to guarantee the achievement of the purpose of undermining security. If the package does not use special design, fail to undermine the package when drinking purposes, then it's bottles and caps were recovered after the lawless elements can be used for counterfeiting. Therefore, seek to undermine the integrity of the old packaging, making empty bottles can not be used, its security would be better.

Destructive a better class of materials or other shrink film shrink film, shrink film most of these processes in the packaging after use, if the packaged goods in the film after printing, no doubt enjoy these products and packaging will be completely destroyed. And so they have better security results. Such as using heat shrink film wrapping ordinary wine, the wine is from the whiteboard into paper, no printing of any logo or text, then the wine was on the shrink-wrapping after the completion of the wine on the whole package, then re- the printing process, whether patterns or text, all printed shrink film, when the first open box damaged shrink film, design, or the integrity of the text has been destroyed, so the old packaging can not be reused to achieve the purpose of security . After the printing

security can plug the loopholes through packaging logistics. Wine business from printing to packaging production and circulation, the inevitable loopholes in some of the management, such as plate theft, product theft, etc, these vulnerabilities will result in the loss of packaging, bring some harm to the enterprise. There are also some non-compliance of the company, the packaging will be printed by some of the channels were not visible to those who make low prices, making the cost of counterfeit products is very low, given the green light to unscrupulous counterfeiting activities. Liquor after the printing method is direct printing enterprises in the factory, there is no flow of packaging problems, which blocked the flow of process loopholes, security is undoubtedly a better way.

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